THE BLACK HOLE                               

As we know according to the theory of black hole given by modern scientists -
“Scientists told us about this that a black hole is a hole found in our galaxy, which pulls any object, whether it is made of any metal, inside itself! Due to the high force of attraction. , (of Krishna's hole), when objects (any metal) enter it! The frictional force causes fire! And they are completely destroyed! The remaining ashes also get absorbed in the black hole! Even the light does not come back!

Questions to be raised?

1. After all, why is light not able to return? Light gets converted from coal, that too black! What is there in a black hole that chews up light?

According to scientists-

The black hole absorbs 100% of the light.

2. Scientists have not told us, what does a black hole do by absorbing 100% of the light? Where does it go after all?

My theory on this subject -

I believe that, due to the very strong force of attraction in a black hole, the light there after being absorbed acts in two parts!
1. Light charges the particle of the black hole, which increases the force of strong attraction.
2. The radiation of the black hole works to increase the frequency!


On working inside a black hole in two forms of light, all its seven colors become decolorized due to friction, that is, they lose their appearance, as our sandal turns black due to friction!

“Scientists say that the earth will someday be covered in our black hole”! Yes it can happen?

According to me the reason for this is-
Since the matter(mass+e =mc2) in the black hole and the light gets completely dissipated there, they form the strong attraction force of the black hole! This power will keep on increasing day by day! And one day it will become so strong that it will pull its nearest planets towards itself and due to friction, they will also get disintegrated into black hole.

The energy is not destroyed, the energy of the planets (in whatever form it may be), as soon as it reaches the black hole, it will start reducing there (black hole)! Which will increase the strong attraction power of the black hole!

Objects turn black because of the strong force of attraction! That's why black holes are black! And the magnet too!

* Platinum metal absorbs 99.98 percent of light, but does not see black color?

Such scientists say that platinum metal absorbs 99.98 percent of the light! But it looks like silver color!

"Should at least look a bit black"!

According to me reference-

Light has seven colors, and after being absorbed 99.98 percent in platinum, it produces a white effect! is less than , only then it gets digested 99.98 percent only, the remaining energy goes out with 0.2 percent converted light!

“Here, due to the weak force of friction and attraction, platinum silver color appears”!
“Now from here, we can formulate the formula (for its increasing attraction) for the black hole-

1. When light is absorbed into the black hole by its own velocity! and according to the gravitational force of the black hole
Increasing power (to digest the planets) = 1/2 part of the entire galaxy radiating light + mass of matter digested in a day.!
The dissipation of light according to e=mc2!


The Black Hole 2022 Web Story.

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