Shinzo Abe Death: Shinzo Abe's address was not decided.

 only a few people knew about the meeting.

Shinzo Abe Death

The whole world is shocked by the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The incident of shooting a former prime minister in public is a case of serious security lapse. But in Japan, the former prime minister lives in a very comfortable environment, away from the frills of security.
Shinzo's meeting at the place where Shinzo Abe was shot in Nara, Japan was not pre-arranged. This is the reason that the crowd at that place was very less. India Today correspondent gave complete information about this incident with slogan. The correspondent said that he spoke to the local people. These people said that when such rallies or meetings are held, a lot of publicity is done before that. But no information was given to the people about Abe's meeting in Nara.

India Today correspondent said that it was sudden and Shinzo Abe's meeting there also started in the same way. These people said that they did not even know about this. According to the India Today correspondent, Shinzo Abe's meeting in Nara was not pre-scheduled. This was the reason that the number of people here was very less. It can also be seen in the pictures.

The people who were aware of this incident included selected people of the party and local people of his own party LDF. According to India Today correspondent, Shinzo Abe came here this morning and started giving speeches without preparation. Addressing the slogan was not in his schedule.

Former PM stays away from the frills of security.
Wherein Japan's capital Tokyo journalist Tim Honkai told India Today that the security of the former PM remains lax in Japan. He said that the laws related to guns in Japan are very strict. He said that the security of the former Prime Minister in Japan is much less than that of the current PM. He has seen many former PMs with very little security. Tim Honkai said that former PMs Suga and Koizumi sometimes went out in public with little security. Anyone can meet them there. Journalist Tim Honkai said that this level of security is a symbol of the fact that Japan has confidence in its system and people, they are proud of this free environment. But today many Japanese are asking themselves what kind of society they have reached.

How was nara City?

Nara city of Japan is considered as a quiet city. This is a historical city. There are a large number of Buddhist monasteries and temples here. The reason for this was that Buddhism had a great influence in this city. Buddhism flourished here. Many historical heritage of Japan are present in this city. If seen at first sight, then no one would believe that a violent incident can happen in this city.
Shinzo Abe: Former PM Shinzo Abe was assassinated with Japan's 'desi katta', know how it was prepared
The shotgun with which the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe was assassinated, is actually a 'desi katta'. This is exactly what criminals use in some states of India. Let us know how dangerous this indigenous Japanese Katta(gun) is.

Shinzo Abe Death:
killer of shinzo abe

The gun with which the former Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe was assassinated is a country-made pistol. Which was made by the killer at his house. Japan has very strict laws regarding weapons. Not everyone can carry a weapon. That's why the killer had made this gun at his house. Which is called Zipgun. It is similar to the pistol used by criminals in some states of India.

Zipgun is also called Improvised Firearms, Pipe Gun or Slam Gun in simple language. These weapons are not made in authorized factories. These are made illegally. Their main objective is only to kill the target. There is no confidence in their quality and accuracy. Therefore, many times while using such guns, they explode by exploding.
Usually criminals and infiltrators use such guns. Or by violent groups. In many countries such guns are also made for protection or hunting. The type of zip gun used to kill the former PM of Japan. In it, two metal pipes, wires, wooden blocks, cellotape and lithium batteries were used for the explosion.

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