BYJU'S New Scam 2022, Putting 14 Year Old Kids Into Guilt.

A 14-year-old student yash raj shinde posted a note on social media about byjuss online platform hypocrisy. He bought a package for 53000rs. After some time the service of the teacher of this platform was not according the package. So he wanted to discontinue this package. 

But the mentor of the byjuss refused for the same. his parents got harassed by #Byjus while they were calling . He paid for his studies but @BYJUS ended up putting him in #guilt. Aftet uploading the note by student the #byjussscam is trending.

BYJU'S New Scam 2022: BYJU'S Scam-

Have done scam before this too-

An FIR has been registered in Mumbai against Raveendran, the owner of popular educational app Byju's (BYJU's). Byjus is accused of giving false information in the UPSC syllabus. Snehil Dhal, founder of science firm Crimeophobia, has filed a complaint against the owner of Byju's at Aarey Colony police station.
The FIR states that Byju's, in his UPSC syllabus, had said that the CBI is a nodal agency for the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC). According to Dhal, the CBI has made it clear that it is not the nodal agency for the UNTOC. That's why he has lodged an FIR against Byjus for giving wrong information.

What's the matter?-

According to Dhal, when he came to know about this, he immediately sent an email to Byju's asking him to correct this information. In response, he sent me a letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs, in which the CBI was said to be the nodal agency. But this letter was from 2012. He said that he was not satisfied with it and hence filed a police complaint.
He said that the CBI had stated in writing in 2016 that it was not the nodal agency for UNTOC. Subsequently, Dhal filed a criminal writ petition in the Supreme Court against the Central Government and 45 departments for not implementing the UNTOC in the country. The FIR has been registered in the name of the owner of the company. A case has been registered under section 120B of IPC and section 69(A) of IT Act for criminal conspiracy.

Byju's statement-

Meanwhile, a Byju's spokesperson said that they have received a copy of the FIR and the company's lawyers are reviewing it. The company will take necessary steps on the advice of the lawyers. The company had received a letter from Crimeophobia claiming that our UPSC material has been given wrong information about UNTOC. There is no truth in this. Our material is correct. This has been stated in the official memorandum of the Ministry of Home Affairs dated April 30, 2012. A copy of it was shared with Crimeophobia. The spokesperson said that the information we use is verified from reliable sources.

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