How to get good video quality while recording?

(How to get good video quality while recording!)

 Before recording video from the phone, make sure that there is enough light around. The angle of the camera should not be directly towards the light, due to this the video quality may deteriorate. Use both hands to steady your phone while recording. You can also take the help of tripod and smartphone holder, as well as place your phone on a table, chair, desk or cupboard. Before recording a video, make sure that the audio quality, as well as the background sound of your 'subject' ' He is not suppressing the voice. Tips While making a video try to stay close to your 'subject'. This will improve the video quality and the surrounding noise will also not spoil your hard work. Most people hold the phone vertically to record video. This is absolutely the wrong way. Hold your phone horizontally so that as much of the scene as possible is in focus of the camera. You can record videos in better quality with the help of 'third party' app.
Set the phone camera for good quality video- Before recording video, make sure that your mobile camera is at maximum resolution. In most smartphones, you can set the camera resolution according to your need for video recording and taking photos. Like 2MP, 3MP or 8MP.
In general, most videos are viewed horizontally. Therefore, the camera should be facing horizontally while recording video. By doing this, videos will be prepared in the ratio of 16: 9.

 Adequate Lighting:Low level lenses are used in most mobile phone cameras, due to which the photos get spoiled in low light. So the illumination should be adequate while recording video. If you shoot in the open during day time then you will get better quality videos. If you are recording video inside the room, take special care of the lighting.
It is not necessary that your mobile phone camera has the facility of optical zoom, most of the mobiles have digital zoom feature. Using digital zoom while recording video results in poor video quality.

If you feel the need to zoom, move yourself or the camera closer to the subject.

While recording video at night or in the dark, also keep in mind that the object whose video is being recorded should be in maximum light.

Hold the phone firmly. Many mobile cameras come with the image stabilization feature. Even if your camera moves around, this feature of the camera works as an image stabilization.

Still, you should be careful while recording video. Hold the mobile with both hands and keep the hands away from the chest and steady.
Your mobile should have more memory storage for video recording. Whenever you do video recording, shoot as much footage as possible. By doing this editing work can also be done on the video.

Video editors always need more footage. Video can be edited better with more footage
 Video editing app: Android smartphone users can also use the video editing app 'WeVideo'. Through this app you can capture photo, sound and video. Also you can edit the recorded video. With the introduction of the camera in you small audio-mobile phone through this application, the usefulness of this device has increased manifold. People capture their beautiful moments in the camera whenever they want. Most of the phone cameras are used for taking pictures but today mobile cameras cannot be underestimated even in the case of videography. Today people make videos of their children and friends and keep them in the phone.
Video slides can also be created.

Not only this, the camera of the phone has become so powerful today that even in marriages and parties, people have started using the phone camera for videography. But while videography from phone, you need to keep some things in mind. Next, we have suggested 15 such important tips, with the help of which you can shoot better videos from the phone.

 1. Use horizontally
While making a video, we do not pay attention and like photography, in the video too, we start recording the phone vertically. But this is not the correct method of videography. This will not make the video correct at all. Always keep the phone in a horizontal position during video recording. With this you will be able to use the video everywhere. Be it YouTube or any other social networking site, the video created in horizontal position can be uploaded easily.

2. Use both hands
In order to make a video, try to hold the phone with both hands. With this the phone will shake less and you can make better videos. In many phones, the camera is exactly in the corner, due to which the finger often comes in front of the camera during videography. In such a situation, take care of the finger while recording and if possible, try a couple of times before starting the recording.

3. Take care of the microphone
In order to make videos from the phone, it is also important to take care of the microphone. If the finger touches the microphone, then despite the good video, the sound will be bad and all your hard work will go in vain. In such a situation, it is important that you do not keep a finger on the microphone.

4. Setting
Like photography, you have settings in video too. Here you can set the light, mode and resolution. Try to keep all settings except resolution on auto. On the other hand, if the phone has anti-flicker, then turn it on. This will make videography better. Even if the phone is shaken a little, it will adjust itself. If there is a guideline option in the phone, then turn it on. This will help you to keep the main subject in the middle.

5. Resolution setting
The resolution setting is very special during video recording from the phone. If you're shooting video for simple social networking, you can set it to a lower resolution. On the other hand, if you are recording a video of a big occasion that you want to play on a TV or laptop, then use a higher resolution. This will not pixelate the video.
6. Memory
Keep in mind that videography requires a lot of memory. In such a situation, if there is less memory in your phone, then empty it, otherwise you have a memory card, then you save the recording on the card. If the recording has to be done for a long time, then it will be better if you prepare the option of memory in advance.
7. Battery
Battery usage is also much higher in video than in photography. In such a situation, if you have to record videos for a long time, then fully charge the battery.
8. Lens Clin
Often we do photography or videography, then we come to know that it is coming blurry. There are two reasons for this. One is the subject could not be focused properly and secondly the lens is often dirty. The lens is on the back of the phone and sometimes the finger touches it and sometimes the hand. Because of this he becomes dirty. In such a situation, always clean the lens thoroughly before recording video.
9. Avoid Zoom
In photography, you can still use zoom up to 2x, but if you want to record good videos, then do not use zoom at all. Digital zoom is used in mobile phones and using it is equivalent to spoiling the video. Stay as close to the subject as possible during videography. The lens of the phone is very small, so recording video from a distance is bound to spoil the video.
10. Control your breath
During video recording from mobile phone, you are very close to the phone and the microphone is also close to you. In such a situation, even your slightest sound will be recorded in the phone. That's why it is important not to speak at all while behind the camera and also control your breath. If you breathe too hard it will get recorded and your whole video will be spoiled.
11. HDR
There is also an option to record HDR video in low light conditions. This will correct the contrast of the video, but the less you use it, the better.
12. Take care of the light
While recording from the phone, try that the light falls on the subject and not on the camera. If the light is on the opposite side of the subject, the record will be slightly dark. You can use it whenever to make an impact but it won't always be right.
13. Using Flash
Avoid the use of flash while recording as much as possible. If the light is very low, then only turn on the flash.
14. Use Tripod
If you want to make long recordings, then it will be better if you use a tripod. With this the phone will not move and the recording will also be better. There are many tripods available for phones in the market today.
15. Move Camera Less
In order to record video from the phone, keep in mind that move the camera at least and if you want to move the camera, then use it very slowly. The video will get spoiled during fast move.

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