Are you also troubled by Eye eachness & redness?

 Are you also troubled by Eye eachness & redness?
Are you also troubled by Eye eachness & redness?
Eye eachness & redness

 As you know, you are living in the second decade of 21st century. Which are fully loaded with modernity and digital tools.
You use these tools every day in every aspect of your life. Human beings spend at least 10-12 hours of their time, eyesight with these means in 24 hours. And the radiation (radiation) harmful rays emanating from these digital means, have a very bad effect on your eyes. It affects not only the eyes but the whole body.
If you don't reduce the number of hours you spend with these tools, you will lose 5-10% of your vision in about 15 days and you will see less. Glasses will be needed. There may be infection with redness and itching on the eyes.
"So you have to use less digital means and use UV lens on the eyes. Keep a distance of 25 cm. Eyes from digital means.
 The second biggest reason. The second biggest reason. Air pollution, dust pollution and dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun affect your eyes in a very bad way in this polluted world.
ways to avoid-

 1. Use uv lens glasses whenever you go out somewhere during the day. Glasses should be such that protect you from both dust and sunlight. And avoid roaming the streets. Use glasses at night with digital devices that emit white and blue light.
2. You can use eye drops (loteflam 5ml), which is a product of cipla company and very effective, to avoid itching and redness of eyes.
You have to put it in the eyes twice a day on the initial days, for a week, then once on the rest of the days. If there is more problem, then enter twice only when there is a problem. You can get addicted to it. Itching may start as soon as the drop ends. Because you are living on polluted air. You have money. Travel by car. Stay in a closed glass room and do not consume spicy food and oily food at the same time. Eat fresh fruits, eat green vegetables.
Eat one amla every morning in the morning.



 No matter how much cough syrup you use, it is not going to go away. Until the phlegm comes out of the throat.
 Cough and cold is a problem that comes with every changing season.

 Causes of cough in winter-

 The main reason for coughing in winter is the accumulation of phlegm in the throat, as you eat foods containing fatty foods such as ghee, milk, butter, etc., and the waste of these food fats due to low temperature, and The larva is deposited on the protruding part of the neck. And the phlegm is formed and gradually the batteries make their home on this cuff. Due to which you feel difficulty in breathing and you start coughing. If you don't stop taking fatty food on the day you cough, then your cough is never going to get better. You can do as many indigenous or organic remedies as you want.
If this process continues, then you may have to suffer from diseases like asthma, tuberculosis.
Therefore, on the days of cough, do not eat even one food containing ghee, butter, sweets, oil.
Do not eat more than twice a day and eat light meals.
 How to get rid of cough-

 As you have read in the above post, the main reason for cough is phlegm.
"In the morning when you go to teething. Then you vomit by putting a finger in your throat. By doing this a lot of phlegm will come out from your throat.
You have to do this only for two days. By doing this your cough will be cured in three days.
And yes, whenever you drink water, drink hot water mixed with salt.
"Whatever you have to do to get out the phlegm accumulated on the throat, whatever you do to come out, vomit or gargle with hot water".
No matter how much cough syrup you use, it is not going to go away. Until the phlegm comes out of the throat.

 Some indigenous methods which are not particularly effective in the above way, still you can read-

 Honey, Lemon and Cardamom Mixture-

 Add a pinch of cardamom powder and a few drops of lemon juice to half a teaspoon of honey. Consume this syrup twice a day. You will get a lot of relief from cough and cold.

hot water-

Drink hot water as much as possible. The phlegm in your throat will open and you will feel better.

Turmeric milk-

Turmeric milk is very beneficial in cold because turmeric contains antioxidants which protect us from germs. Drinking it before sleeping at night gives fast relief. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties are present in turmeric which fights against infection. Its anti-inflammatory properties provide relief from the symptoms of cold, cough and cold.

gargle with warm water and salt-

Gargling with warm water mixed with a pinch of salt provides great relief during cough and cold. This gives relief to the throat and also provides relief from cough. This is also a very old recipe.

honey and brandy-

Brandy is already known to warm the body. Mixing honey with it will have a great effect on cold.

spiced tea-

Drink tea by adding ginger, basil, black pepper to your tea. Consumption of these three elements gives great relief in cough and cold.

black pepper-

If there is mucus along with cough, then eat half a teaspoon of black pepper mixed with desi ghee. You will get rest.

hot food intake-

Take soup, tea, hot water. Avoid cold water, spicy food etc.

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