Are you also from middle class family?

Are you also from middle class family?

Today we will teach you how to live-

 Some purposeless actions of the people of the middle class family-

1.. Don't you guys fall into the pretense.
2. On an average, you spend 1500 ₹ - ₹ 5000 on items like shoes, clothes etc. wasteful. You will have to stop them because according to your annual income, this expenditure is 25 to 30% of your income. You should not spend more than 15-20%.
3. You spend your dreams either on low quality or very high quality ones like buying extravagant expensive cars etc.

You should have proper management

1. You people do not want to do any business, most people spend 45 to 40 years of their life in the pursuit of government jobs, their family or father's income, who spend 35 to 40 years 20-25 lakhs in education and preparation. . Unsuccessfully, the unemployed sit at home at home.
2. Well there is no age to read, if you are fond of reading then you can read books with business
3. The 20 to 25 lakh rupees that are spent, you can become successful by doing business by deducting the expenses of graduation from this money.
4. Keep your time management organized.

After being successful-

1.“Which allows you to live in a peaceful, pollution-free environment, and also be in touch with nature.
2. If the annual income is 5 to 10 lakhs, then you build a house of 30 * 60, which will be 15 to 20 lakhs of your income of 4 years, and life by buying a car of 5 lakhs, bikes of 1 lakh and leading the business can survive.
3. Do smart work not hard work.

"Enlarge your sources of income and spend money to increase the sources, not in appearances and wasteful expenditure".
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